Product Solution

  • Stretch wrapping

    Stretch Wrapping

    Protect your package from moisture and dust. Using a high quality wrapping machines also has added benefit of stabilising the package to prevent toppling or collapse, and increased labour productivity. Manual grade stretch film also available.

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  • Plastic strapping

    Plastic Strapping

    Commonly known as PP or PET strapping or band. They are cost-effective end-of-the-line packaging solution. Can easily be applied using SIAT's GT line battery strapping tool. Pneumatic combination strapping tool, dispenser, cutter, clip and strapping band available.

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  • Steel strapping

    Steel Strapping

    Suitable for heavy loads, bundling of bar, rod and pipes. Can be applied using tensioner, sealers, combination tools. Can be securely with a clip and sealed with notches, or using seal-less tool. We also provide accessory such as dispensers and cutter.

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  • Composite strapping

    Composite Strapping

    High tensile strength, shock-resistant solution, shock-resistant solution, shock-resistant solution. Perfect for goods that are sensitive to scuffing and abrasion. Secured using wire buckle.

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  • Composite strapping

    Spring Balancer

    Lifting device that supports and balances the weight of tools and equipment, reducing the repetitive strain injury (RSI) and reduce manual handling effort needed by the user.

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All Products

  • Siat GT-Max

    Siat GT-Max

    Automatic Battery Strapping Tool for 25-32mm PET Strap.

  • Siat GT-ONE +

    Siat GT-ONE +

    Automatic Battery Strapping Tool for 10-16mm PP/PET Strap.

  • Siat OneWrap

    Siat OneWrap

    Semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine for palletization load.

  • Siat STSR

    Siat STSR

    Pneumatic Steel Strapping Tool for 25, 32mm Steel Strap.

  • China A333

    China A333

    Manual sealless strapping tool for 13 – 19mm Steel Strap.

  • ZD Pack B310 Tensioner

    ZD Pack B310 Tensioner

    Manual tensioner for 10-19mm PP/PET Strap.

  • ZD Pack B318 Tensioner

    ZD Pack B318 Tensioner

    Manual Heavy-duty tensioner for 10-19mm PP/PET strap.

  • YBICO C1005 Sealer

    YBICO C1005 Sealer

    Sealer for 16mm PP strap.

  • ZD Pack C311 Sealer

    ZD Pack C311 Sealer

    Sealer for 16mm PP/PET strap.

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