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About Us

What We Value

Much of our values came from understanding what is the requirements of our customers.

Oftentimes customer have to find a balance between quality of solution and budget. By getting to know our customers better, and with our expertise, we can determine a reasonable solution for our customers.

We get to know you, learn what is best for you, and do the right thing for you.

How We Started

We started in 1993 at Penang, Malaysia. At the time, our focus is on strapping tools. We partnered with Columbia (now merged with Siat) to provide excellent quality strapping tools to local businesses. This helped improved their packaging efficiency tremendously.

Currently, we also provide other transit packaging solution such as stretch wrapping systems and semi-automatic strapping machines across whole Malaysia, and neighbouring country like Thailand and more.

We provided quality solution in the past, and we will provide better solutions in the future.

What We Do Best

Tell us the issues you are facing, and we will try our best to get it sorted. That is what we do best. Transit packaging can sometimes be a complex issue, and it doesn't have to be that way. We are ready to make a demonstration of our machines to you, and show how it can solve your problems.

Our products are priced reasonably, and on top of that we promised that it will be supported far into the future.

We priced our products competitively, while providing long term support and quality service for our customers.

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