Joinpack MUL320 Tensioner

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Joinpack MUL320 Tensioner

Joinpack MUL320 Tensioner

Manual Heavy-duty tensioner for 10-19mm PP/PET strap.

Advanced patent design and for heavy PET strapping. Very popular because of its reliability and user friendliness. Well known usage in wood/timber, construction material and other heavy industry. Works very well with many various types of PET.

Windlass design allow for easy usage. Came with built-in cutter to reduce the number of tools to carry around. Heavy-duty component, allow for stronger tensioning.


  • Strapping

    • Type


    • Width

      10 – 19mm

    • Thickness

      0.4 – 1.0mm

  • Physical

    • Dimension

      265 × 132 × 85mm

    • Weight